Museum of Soap and Dirt History

ul. Długa 13
85-032 Bydgoszcz



Museum of Soap and the History of Dirt in Bydgoszcz is located near the Old Market Square, at 13-17 Długa Street. The owners are: Daria Kieraszewicz and Adam Bujny. It was founded in 2012. It is a living museum that presents the history of dirt and health from the ancient times to the present. You can get the what’s what in the 19th century bathroom, facilities for washing and bathing, mangles, washing machines, all about the medieval bath, dryers and a collection of soaps from around the world. There are also documents on the hygiene methods and hygiene rituals. You can touch and smell everything in the museum and in the improvised laboratory you can make your own personal soap. Museum is famous for its mobile Soap Studio.