Warzelnia Piwa Bydgoszcz, Brewery and Restaurant

ul. Poznańska 8 (wejście również od strony Wyspy Młyńskiej)
85-129 Bydgoszcz


Warzelnia Piwa Bydgoszcz

The day that 'Warzelnia Piwa Bydgoszcz' started in 2011 was the day when Bydgoszcz revived the brewery tradition. The local head brewer has faced quite a task, due to the local longtime brewing tradition. There was a time when there were10 breweries and brewhouses operating as well as numerous smaller production facilities. The historic interior of the building is made up of copper brewhouse installation, stylish bottles, porcelain stoppers and other Bydgoszcz brewery memorabilia. At Poznańska Street you can drink beer that is locally brewed and that bears local names. You can listen to the ‘brewing stories’ told by the head brewer during brewing sessions.

Guided Tours:

‘The Secrets of Brewing’ - special meetings with the head brewer, group tours available upon request

Light, dark and special

There had been the best of times in the history of Bydgoszcz beer and the worst ones.  Yet the brewing tradition have been so deeply rooted in the Bydgoszcz heritage that a few brave enthusiasts and beer buffs have decided to bring back the beer myth that no longer was a myth but a real golden beverage prepared in shiny mash tuns. Jack Jeleszyński, a today’s head brewer, had quite a task to face – there were already 59 breweries operating in the city. How to collect the best traditions in a few recipes?


The Spring of 2011 brought a breath of warm promise to the Bydgoszcz residents for hot summer days to find a place where one can quench the thirst with a cold beer, to soothe the senses with the fairytale panorama of Mill Island and with a brewing story near the mash tun. Warzelnia has found its address at 8 Poznańska Street. This address is not accidental. This lot had been home to  dyers, who just like the brewers, cherished their access to water and valued its quality.