Bydgoszcz Canal Museum

ul. Staroszkolna 10
85-208 Bydgoszcz



The museum was founded in 2006 by Sebastian Malinowski who collected photos and artifacts related to the Bydgoszcz Canal. You can see the uniforms of sailors and skippers of inland waterway transport, Hamburk – an oak rowing boat dating back to 1920 that sailed on the Brda River and canal. You will also see here items used by barge workers and a beautiful mock-up model of the Bydgoszcz Canal, Mill Island and the locks.

It is worthwhile to take part in local history classes. The museum is located in the immediate vicinity of the Old Canal that is surrounded by unique Planty Park. In 1838 the first restaurant and leisure area was developed that grew fast as one of the biggest spare time and vacation destination. The inhabitants of Bydgoszcz were happy to spend time at concerts, watching performances and dances beneath the open sky.